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Issue Three Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Issue Three is approved and launched! Please check it out and spread the word! Thank you!

Issue Two eBooks now on sale

Issue Two eBooks are now up for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Weightless Books. You can also get a one-year subscription for 50% off the cover price or a PDF through Weightless Books.

Here is the editors note from Issue Two, with links to story excerpts:

Wow. Issue Two. Fireside is turning into a Real Thing. We’re so grateful to everyone who’s supported us this year as we’ve continued our crazy experiment in publishing great stories regardless of genre and in fair pay for creators.

I’m really pleased with Issue Two. It’s fulfilled one of my hopes for the magazine that each issue will be very different from the others. We open with Kat Howard’s The Heart of the Story, a lush exploration of a place where tales may well be born. Next is Jake Kerr’s Perspective, a near-future story in which we meet a reclusive, heartbroken father who doesn’t understand his son’s need to cover a city in graffiti. Next is our comic, An Honest Mistake, which I wrote and which artist Steve Walker and letterer Frank Cvetkovic brought to life. It looks at what could happen at the end of the world when everyone has watched too many end-of-the-world movies. Following that is a horror story, Damien Walters Grintalis’ Scarred, about a young woman trying to suppress a dark urge that she once indulged. And we close with Rhapsody in Blue Shift, a supernatural science-fiction story by Stephen Blackmoore, who is quite afraid this optimistic tale will ruin his street cred as a bloody-nosed pulp writer. And of course, there’s the incredible artwork by Galen Dara, who did the cover based on Kat’s story, as well as the interior illustrations with the other stories.

We hope you enjoy Issue Two. We’ll be back with a Kickstarter for Issue Three in September. For now, our plan is to keep preselling the issues through Kickstarter, along with offering the premium rewards, while we build up our subscriptions and single-copy sales. If you know anyone who you think would like Fireside, you can point them to, where eBook and PDF editions of Issues One and Two are for sale, along with subscriptions. Thank you for reading.

Issue One

This is the editor’s note from the first issue of Fireside.

WELCOME TO THE FIRST ISSUE of Fireside. I am still amazed and thrilled that we pulled this off. Back in October, a stew of ideas in the back of my brain congealed into a crazy idea. I want to make a fiction magazine. I wanted to publish short stories and comics, with a focus on good storytelling without regard to genre. And I wanted to pay the writers as well as I could. And thanks to Kickstarter, to a great team of writers and artists and designers, and to all the crazy love and support and generosity of everyone
who helped in the past few months, the magazine is real.

And it’s not just real. It’s really good. The first story, To the Moon by Ken Liu, follows the struggles of a young lawyer and the stories we tell ourselves to validate our  illusions. Next is Chuck Wendig’s Emerald Lakes, a prequel to his Atlanta Burns novella Shotgun Gravy. In our story, Atlanta is dealing out more justice with a mix of brains and blood. Our comic, Snow Ninjas of the Himalayas, written by Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride, drawn by Michael Lee Harris, and lettered by Frank Cvetkovic, is a story about why some secrets are best left unrevealed. Then we have Christie Yant’s Temperance, a story about a drunk, an intolerant town, and a mysterious woman. And we close with Press Enter to Execute by Tobias Buckell, a near-future sci-fi thriller set in a world where someone is finally doing something about all that spam in our inboxes.

Enjoy! And from everyone involved in putting out Fireside, thank you for reading.

You can buy Issue No. 1 or subscribe here.