WE MADE IT!!!!!!

Wow! My head is still spinning about how awesome yesterday was. Here’s what a rally looks like:

final chart1

We had 248 new backers and raised $7,245 just yesterday, catapulting us over the top. Thank you to everyone who backed us, and to everyone who was spreading the word, both all the way through the campaign and especially in the final frenzy last night. You guys are the reason we will be able to publish a full year of fiction, and pay our writers well.

We’ll have the flash fiction submission guidelines posted by the end of the weekend. We’ll be opening to submissions March 15 and be staying open at least until May 1.

One minor indulgence. If you are a fan of short fiction and are excited about supporting the arts through Kickstarter, there are two anthology projects going on right now I’d love to see funded. I don’t have any involvement in either aside from being a backer:

First is the Raygun Chronicles space opera anthology. It looks really cool, and the authors include Year Two writer Jennifer Campbell-Hicks. They are down to 32 hours and still need to raise a little under 40% of their goal of $8,000.

Second is Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction From the Margins of History. My friend Rose Fox is a co-editor of this project, and it is a really interesting idea, to focus on the stories of people pushed to the edges. It also has an amazing lineup of writers, including Year Two’s Ken Liu. Their campaign still has 25 days left, but go pledge now if you can!

OK. Now we get to work! There are stories to write and edit, artwork to create, a website to build, and lots more!

Thank you so so much.



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