Plenty of progress, and some links

Hey everyone! The Year Two Kickstarter is up to 110 backers, $4,671, and just shy of being 19% of the way to our goal since launching on Monday. We are thrilled with how strong a start we’ve had!

Kickstarters live and die by word of mouth, so if you can share our project on your networks and with friends and family who might be interested, it will be a big help. Here’s the main project page link you can point them at:

I wanted to share two links from things that went up Monday if you didn’t see them:

Also, if you are excited about Fireside and are looking for other good short fiction projects to back, there are two going on right now that I have backed and am looking forward to:

Also, I wanted to include a note about story submissions to Fireside, which I have gotten several questions about. I’ve also put this on the main project page.

If this Kickstarter succeeds, we will be be opening for submissions of flash fiction stories on March 15. We’ll be looking for stories of 1,000 words or less in any genre. Our main criteria is that we are looking for great storytelling, stories that go somewhere even in the short space of flash fiction. We’re not looking for character studies or metafiction or hallucinatory visions. (We like those things; it’s just not what we publish in Fireside.)

We will not be opening immediately to submissions for longer stories. We had an open submissions for those a few months back, and we found seven of the writers for Year Two through that. If things go well though, we’ll start looking for Year Three stories at some point down the road. (And if things go really well, we’d like to add more stories to each issue.)


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