The final push. 13 hours left

This is it. The last day of the Kickstarter for Issue Three of Fireside. We need to raise $2,700 by the end of the day today.

Here is a quick summary of what we are trying to do, if you are a backer and want something to share, or if you are just seeing Fireside for the first time today. (There is a lot more detail on the main project page.)

❂ Fireside is a fiction and comics magazine. Our goals are to publish great storytelling regardless of genre, and to pay our writers, artists, and designers well. (For example, we pay 12.5 cents a word for shorts stories. The rate that is considered professional is 5 cents a word.)

❂ Issue Three will feature four short stories, by Daniel Abraham, Elizabeth Bear, Lucas J.W. Johnson, and Mary Robinette Kowal. It will have a comic written by Rachel Deering and illustrated by Christine Larsen, and it will have cover and interior artwork by Lisa Grabenstetter.

❂ We’ve published two issues already through Kickstarter, which allows people to pledge any amount of money for a project and receive rewards in return. (If the project doesn’t reach its goal, no one is charged.) All of the rewards that Fireside offers included a preorder of Issue Three.

❂This Kickstarter has gone much more slowly than the ones for the first two issues. We always thought that there could be Kickstarter fatigue, and we are hard at work on a new plan for longer-term funding in 2013. (More about that here.)

I’ve seen other Kickstarters have huge final days. Let’s make some magic happen.


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