A note about back issues and the $9 reward, plus “Press Enter to Execute”

We’ve hit 151 backers and $2,450 on the Issue Three Kickstarter . We’re still a long way from our goal of $6,500 and we have to hit that by the end of the day Monday. I’m taking heart, though, from the Beyond the Sun anthology Kickstarter, which needed $1,200 with three hours left yesterday and ended up with $1,000 more than its goal. Keep spreading the word and we will get there!

I wanted to address a question about the $9 reward that I got today, that being from someone who said they wanted to pledge for a print issue with an autograph, but they also wanted the eBooks of Issues One and Two, which are only included in the $9 and $20 rewards. I hadn’t thought about that, so here’s what we’re going to do. Anyone who pledges for any of the rewards $15 and up will have the option of getting eBooks of Issue One and Two as part of their reward.

Also, we have posted the last of the Issue One stories on our website, Tobias Buckell’s Press Enter to Execute.

It’s going to be a wild finish!


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