The results of our first submissions window

Whew. I just got back from vacation, and am in the throes of getting Issue Three’s Kickstarter together (more on that tomorrow).

But today I wanted to announce the names of the eight writers we are buying stories from out of our August submissions window. We’re really happy with these stories. They cover a wide range of genres and are all very different from one another:

  • “Sun Tea” by Matthew Bennardo
  • “Catch a Fallen Star” by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks
  • “Reposession” by Jonas David
  • “Gangs of Gnome Jersey” by A.E. Decker
  • “A Trick of the Night” by Steven J. Dines
  • “Remaker, Remaker” by Lucas J.W. Johnson
  • “Sell it Like Death” by James McGee
  • “Rocket Ship Nirvana” by Jason Ridler

“Remaker, Remaker” will be appearing in Issue Three; the others will be spread out over the next several issues.

We really enjoyed our first round of short-story submissions! We ended up getting 162 through our blind-submissions process, and I had a great team helping me read through them.

The team was led by Matt White (@geekstarter on Twitter) who managed the whole process, from creating some coding that really simplified the management of the stories to keeping track of everything. Matt did a great job; he really took a huge burden off my shoulders and did a much better job with it than I would have.

Thanks also to our submission readers. We couldn’t have managed this without them: Joanne Austin, Clare Bohn, Jesse Doogan, John Frewing, Patrick Hellen, Ashley Holstrom, Joshua Kidd, Amanda McGee, Eric Andrew Satchwill, Lauren Scattolini, Katie Schwing, Jazz Sexton, Erik Sund, DeQuaina Washington, and Sean White.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. Fireside’s future is looking great.


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