“An Honest Mistake” by Brian White and Steve Walker


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Brian White (writer) is the editor of Fireside. His day job — well it’s actually a night job — is on a newspaper copy desk. (Yes, newspapers, we still have those.) A committed word nerd, he is also the proprietor of Talk Wordy to Me, a blog about words, editing, and other oddities. He lives near Boston with his wife, Lauren, a theatrical lighting technician, and their cat, Bast, who is most likely asleep or shredding their couch as you read this. Find him online at talkwordy.com and on Twitter @talkwordy.



Steve Walker (pencils and inks) is a freelance comics artist having published with companies such as Image Comics, Random House Books — most notably the first two volumes in the graphic novel series The Sons of Liberty — and the upcoming The Battle of Blood And Ink, for Tor Books. When not pushing lead at his drawing table, Steve can be found teaching comics and sequential art at the Art Student’s League in Manhattan. He lives in Pennsylvania. Find him online at stevejwalkerstudio.blogspot.com and on Twitter @The_SteveWalker.



Letterer Frank Cvetkovic’s life is like a broken Infinite Improbability Drive. If it’s completely random and just happens to suck, it’s probably going to happen to him. He is the writer and creator of the wildly unpopular webcomic, Punch-Up, and various other works. He currently lives in Cleveland, where the home teams never win and the rivers occasionally catch fire. Find him on Twitter @GoFrankGo.



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