Why Fireside, and stories, are important to me

As we head toward the end of the campaign (we’re at 87% with 36 hours to go!), I wanted to talk a little about why Fireside is important to me. This won’t be a rehash of what’s in Issue Two, of my philosophy about paying creators well, etc.; that’s all over on the main Kickstarter page.

I’ve always needed stories. Like many socially awkward kids, books and the stories they held were my way to escape the world I always felt half a step removed from.

I’ve grown a lot since then, and I finally become comfortable in my own skin, but the stories become a part of you, and they don’t become less important. They make you think and laugh and cry and feel brave and feel small and feel, well, human. Stories — told in a book or a magazine or at a party or quietly in the dark — are how we connect with each other. They’re how we deal with the shit and celebrate the victories and manage everything in between.

That’s the heart of Fireside. I keep quoting the Neil Gaiman line — about stories that make the reader say, “And then what happened?” — because that question shows the story is connecting, that it is touching some part of your own story. I want to find and publish stories like that, the ones that will get a hook into your humanity. If we can make you laugh or cry or shout with joy or feel a little less alone, then we’ve done our job.

Thank you for helping us bring new stories into the world.


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