Still some limited rewards left with 3 days to go

So we are down to the final 3 1/2 days of the Kickstarter for Issue Two & Beyond. We’re at $4,640, more than 77% of the way to funding Issue Two.

Kickstarters usually push over the line in the last day or two, which means that pledges will be picking up soon. And that means that the remaining limited rewards are likely to get snapped up. (Limited rewards include more than just a copy of the magazine)

Here’s what’s left. Don’t miss out!

  • 12 print copies of Issue One in addition to a print copy of Issue Two ($20)
  • 15 prints of the cover art by Galen Dara. ($25)
  • Plenty of copies of the magazine autographed by one of the contributors. ($25)
  • 1 mosaic Fireside logo keychain, handmade by my wife. ($30)
  • 4 autographed copies of Stephen Blackmoore’s debut novel, City of the Lost ($50)
  • 5 autographed copies of Damien Walters Grintalis’ debut novel, Ink ($50)
  • 1 chance to have your name used in Damien’s story. This is the only remaining chance to get your name in a story in the magazine! ($75)
  • 2 spots to have your likeness included in an original interior illustration by Galen. ($100)
  • 1 preliminary sketch of the cover art, autographed by Galen ($250)
  • 2 pieces of original artwork from the comic by Steve Walker ($250)
  • 5 short story or comic manuscripts, autographed by an Issue Two contributor ($250)

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