Out of thin air

Hey everyone! We are circling in on the halfway point in our shorter-that-usual Kickstarter campaign, and we’re already at $3,336, just over 56% of the goal to publish Issue Two and 30% of what we need for Issue Three. This is really fantastic, so thanks to all our backers for helping to validate our idea to only campaign for three weeks. Please keep spreading the word! Word of mouth is the blood that keeps Fireside alive.

Fireside is already taking shape behind the scenes. Jake Kerr’s story is in, and as we’ve said, it’s a really good father-son tale. Kat Howard mentioned on Twitter a few days ago that she’s writing about a sentient bookstore. And Steve Walker is working on the pencils for the comic I wrote.

The backers are making all of this happen. It’s part of what we love about Kickstarting Fireside. We start at zero, zero stories, zero dollars, zero backers. Those numbers climb. And at the end, we’ve created art out of thin air! It’s magic.

Thank you.


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