Update, and getting Issue One as a reward

Hey everyone! Today is the end of our first week of our Kickstarter campaign, and we are at $2,771, which is 46% of our goal to publish Issue Two! And just as important, it is just over 25% of what we need to publish Issue Three as well! We really had a terrific start to this Kickstarter. Thanks to everyone who has pledged and spread the word! Two weeks to go!

We were asked yesterday about the $7 reward to get eBook copies of both Issue One and Issue Two. The person asking said they wanted both issues, but also wanted a print copy of Issue Two, but didn’t pledge for that in the $10 reward because it only included Issue Two. We hadn’t thought about this, so here’s the deal: Anyone who pledges $10 or more can also get an eBook copy of Issue One included as a reward if they didn’t get it the first time around. We’ll ask you if you want that when we send out the backer reward surveys at the end of the campaign. So if you want a print copy or any of the other rewards over $10 and also want Issue One, you’ll get it.

(As an alternative, if you want Issue One right now, it is available in PDF, Mobi, and ePub formats in several places, collected here on our website: http://firesidemag.com/getfireside.)

Thanks again!


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