Almost to 40%, and a Father’s Day gift reward idea

Hey everyone! We’re four days into the Kickstarter, and we’re just $45 away from $2,400, which is 40% of our goal to publish Issue Two. (And 22% of the total needed to add Issue Three.) Thanks to all who have contributed and spread the word!

Also, we have a special reward offer from Issue Two contributor Jake Kerr. The $100 reward to have a character named after you in his story is still available. Jake has already written and turned in his story, and it focuses on a father and son. So if someone pledges $150 for this reward, Jake will name the characters after you and your dad (or you and your son). We’ll also e-mail you a copy of the story immediately after the Kickstarter closes on June 13 so you will have a copy to give on Father’s Day, June 17.

(I love this idea because my mom surprised my dad by getting his name and likeness in the Issue One comic, and he got a big kick out of it, even though he got killed by a yeti-worshiping snow ninja.)

Thanks again!

Brian White


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