Kickstarter for Issue Two & Beyond

The Kickstarter for the next issue of Fireside is live!

The goal this time is to raise $6,000 to publish Issue Two. 68% of that will go to the writers, artists, and designers. The rest will cover production and Kickstarter costs.

We are also hoping to raise enough money to fund issues beyond Issue Two. For every $5,000 we raise above our goal, there will be a new eBook-only issue of Fireside. Every backer of this Kickstarter will receive every eBook issue funded in this campaign.

We have a full lineup for Issue Two, and most of the lineup for Issue Three. Issue Two will feature short stories by Stephen Blackmoore, Damien Walters Grintalis, Kat Howard, and Jake Kerr. It will also have a comic penciled and inked by Steven Walker and written by, well, me, Brian White, editor of Fireside. Frank Cvetkovic will letter the comic. Our cover artist is Galen Dara.

For Issue Three, we will have short stories by Daniel Abraham, Elizabeth Bear, and Mary Robinette Kowal. Our comic will be written by Rachel Deering. Artists are still in the works, and we are holding a short story slot for open submissions. We hope to begin accepting submissions for Issue Three and future issues sometime later this summer.

As for rewards, we have a ton of great stuff. In addition to the eBook and print editions of Issue Two (plus eBook copies of EVERY issue we fund in this Kickstarter), you can get autographed copies of the magazine; bookmarks and keychains; a print of the cover art; your name featured in one of the stories; your likeness featured in the comic or a piece of original art by Galen Dara; autographed final manuscripts of the stories; autographed pieces of the original art drawn by Galen and Steve Walker; and lifetime subscriptions to the magazine.

There is a lot more detail over on the  Kickstarter. We hope you’ll join us!


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