How to add Fireside to your Kindle, Nook, or iPad

If you have a Kindle, Nook, or iPad and bought a .mobi or an .epub copy of Fireside from Weightless Books or directly from me, and you usually only buy from the Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, or Apple, you are probably used to the files just showing up on your reader. Here are some instructions from Amazon, B&N, and Apple on how to add files to those readers:

Kindle (.mobi)

Send to Kindle software for PC

Send to Kindle email address

USB Transfer

iPad (.epub)

Using iTunes to add ePub files to iBooks

Nook (.epub)

From Barnes and Noble FAQ (they don’t seem to have a dedicated page to link to):

For Nook Table, Nook Color, and Nook Simple Touch: “You can connect your NOOK to a computer (using the NOOK microUSB cable) to transfer personal files. Your NOOK will appear on your computer as a removable drive. Just click on the file on your computer, and copy it (drag-and-drop) to the appropriate NOOK folder. Need additional space for personal files? You may save your files to a microSD memory card.”

For Nook 1st Edition: “Accessible from the library icon on the Home menu, My Documents is a view of your personal digital content. Where you can put your personal files differs for the internal memory and a supplemental microSD card:For copying personal documents and files to your NOOK, connect your NOOK to your computer with the USB cable, and open the NOOK drive for the internal memory. Place your ePub, PDB, and PDF files in the folder My Documents, or in folders under that folder. Any hierarchy under My Documents is fine. Place your image files either in the My Wallpapers folder or in a sub-folder under the My Screensavers folder. And for audio files, place those files in the My Music folder on the NOOK drive. For a supplemental microSD card, place your files anywhere on the card, in any hierarchy. When viewed from your personal computer, the files retain this organization. Your NOOK does not move them. The My Documents part of your library is not a view of the files and folders, but of information about the files. It is a flat view; a list. The hierarchy is not reflected in the list.”



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