Publishing dates!

Hey everyone,

Well, it’s been a crazy few months, but we finally have a magazine in the pipeline. The ebook files are ready, and the magazine is at the printer.

We originally thought we would have the magazines in hand by today, so that we would mail next week, but due to a printer snafu we won’t be getting them until the end of next week or very early the following week.

And so, the plan:

Everyone will be receiving their electronic copies on April 10. They’ll be coming via an emailed link from a program I am using called YouSendIt. We are holding the e-files until then because we didn’t want to send them out too far in advance of the print copies, which we hope to have in the mail by April 10, along with the bookmarks and the printed backers-only short story.

(If you picked a reward that included a signed copy, it will be slightly delayed, as they first have to be mailed to the writers, who will then mail them to you directly.)

Electronic editions of the magazine will go on sale to the public one week later, on April 17. We’ll be sending out an update about that later. But we wanted to be sure that our backers had a chance to enjoy it first, since without you, there would be no Fireside.

Thanks for your patience! We think that what we have put together is worth the wait.


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