And now the fun begins (well, after I finish this champagne)

And that’s a wrap on Stage One! Our final total was $7,017. We didn’t reach the $7,250 milestone for the printed, backers-only short story, but hell we were close enough, so all backers will be getting that plus the bookmark.

Thank you to everyone who pledged, to everyone who spread the word, to everyone who supported us in any way.

Thank you to my family and friends for your love, support, and generosity.

Thank you to the contributors for sharing this adventure with me: Tobias Buckell, Ken Liu, Chuck Wendig, Christie Yant, D.J. Kirkbride, Adam P. Knave, and Amy Houser. This magazine  will be awesome because of them. They really helped me with advice, encouragement, and support over the past few months, and with promoting the hell out of this project.

Thank you to Patrick Garvin, who designed the logo, and to Robert Davis, who will be laying out the magazine.

Thank you to Mika Devi, who helped me flesh out the author contracts.

Thank you to those who went the extra mile to spread the word: Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Anthony Cardno, John Joseph Adams, Nancy Friedman, Rose Fox, SFSignal, Fantasy Matters,, and Neil Gaiman (who gave us three mentions on Twitter in the past month, each bringing in hundreds of dollars).

And thank you, most of all, to my wife Lauren, who was nothing but supportive and encouraging of this crazy idea, who offered to make the mosaic coaster and keychain rewards, who came up with lots of other great ideas along the way, who made a big pledge of her own, and who I am sharing a glass (OK, several glasses) of champagne with tonight to celebrate.

If  I have forgotten anyone, please know that I thank you and love you and beg your forgiveness. Also I am a little drunk.

Next week, I will be sending out details about what to expect, but I am taking a long weekend to relax, regroup, and scheme.

Then the fun begins.


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