The goal has been reached, but it ain’t over

We’ve hit the goal of $6,500, but there are still 36 hours left in the Kickstarter campaign, and it is still possible to make pledges. Any money raised above the goal that does not go toward expenses will be split among the writers and artists working on Fireside and funding for future issues.

We’d love to be able to send the writers and artists a little extra cash. We couldn’t have gotten to the goal without their support and publicity, and they really deserve it. As I’ve said many times, Fireside isn’t just about good stories, it’s about helping creative people make a living.

And it would be a big help to have some seed money for the future of Fireside. We are still thinking about how to move forward, but the more of a cushion we have the easier it will be to makes sure there is an Issue No. 2 and beyond.

Of course, we wouldn’t ask for more money and your continued spreading of the word without rewards.

If the Kickstarter hits $7,250, backers at every level will receive a printed, signed backers-only short story in addition to the Fireside bookmark.

And if we hit $8,500, everyone will also receive a Fireside tote bag.

Thank you for all your support!


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