We started the magazine’s Kickstarter yesterday at $4,439. We ended it at $5,729.

$1,300 in one day! This is really incredible. In less than 10 hours (yesterday’s first donation came a little after 2 p.m.) we raised 20% of our goal. And this morning, we’ve already taken in another $231, to stand at 198 backers and $5,960.

Thanks to the 52 new backers since yesterday. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word yesterday. Thanks to Neil Gaiman, who retweeted a note about Fireside for the third time and got the ball rolling yesterday. And thank you to my wife, Lauren, who offered to make 5 mosaic keychains with the Fireside flame for a lightning challenge yesterday, which jumpstarted things as the Neil effect seemd to be wearing off.

It was Neil’s retweet that got us started yesterday, but at some point after the lightning challenge I think things took a life of their own. I spent a lot of time watching the numbers shoot up every time I hit refresh with my mouth partly open.

So now we are in the home stretch with 59 hours to go. We have a little more than $500 to raise. And if we hit the goal of $6,500 and then exceed it, any extra money will be split between the creatorss involved in issue No. 1 and funding toward future issues. There will also be at least one extra little reward for all backers if we get over the goal. (More on that later.) So please keep spreading the word.

(Here is a handy summary of what we are trying to do if you’d like a good thing to share.)

And thank you, thank you, thank you.


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