Summing up what we are trying to do with Fireside

Less than four days to go until the Kickstarter ends Friday. We are closing in, at $4,439 this morning.

In a few minutes I’ll be posting Adam P. Knave’s story, which was unlocked in our New Year’s challenge of hitting $4,000.

Now though, I wanted to sum up what we are trying to do with Fireside magazine for those new to it. (Or for those who already have pledged but want a summary to share with friends who might be interested.)

What is Fireside?

  • It is a multi-genre fiction and comics magazine.
  • This Kickstarter is raising funds for the first issue, which will include four short stories  (by Tobias Buckell, Ken Liu, Chuck Wendig, and Christie Yant),  a comic (by D.J. Kirkbride and Adam P. Knave), and cover art by Amy Houser.
  • It is available in electronic and print formats. The print version will only be available as a Kickstarter reward.
  • It is also designed to pay creative people at a rate that allows them to make a living being creative. The current rate considered to be professional for genre short stories is 5 cents a word, or $200 for a 4,000-word story, which is the upper word limit for this magazine. Given the amount of time that can go into a short story, $200 isn’t very much. Fireside writers will be paid 12.5 cents a word, or $500 for a 4,000-word story.

What is this Kickstarter you speak of?

  • It is a fundraising platform for creative projects.
  • Project creators set a fundraising goal and a time period, then launch the Kickstarter. Backers (that’s you) pledge an amount and choose a reward that falls under that pledge amount.
  • The creator only gets the money (and the backers only get charged) if the project reaches its goal by the deadline (in this case at the end of the night Friday). Otherwise no money changes hands.
  • Backers can pledge as much as they want and choose any reward as long as the pledge meets that reward’s requirement. (For instance, you can pledge $10 even if all you want is the $2 reward.)

$6,500 seems like a lot of money. What is that going toward?

  • 57 percent is budgeted to pay the writers, artists, and other freelancers collaborating on the magazine.
  • 28 percent will cover printing and shipping costs.
  • 10 percent goes to Kickstarter and Amazon for processing the payments.
  • And the remaining 5 percent is to cover miscellaneous costs or to maybe even turn a little profit.

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One Comment on “Summing up what we are trying to do with Fireside”

  1. Helen Tang
    January 3, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

    I am pledging for a contribution of $100.00

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