Two-thirds of the way there, time to bring it home

This is it. Five days left in the Kickstarter. At midnight on Friday, Fireside either turns into a real magazine or back into a pumpkin inside my hear.

Thanks to a $500 pledge yesterday (still trying to confirm who the backer is, though I have a suspicion) along with a bunch of other pledges through this morning, we have rocketed to $4,338, which is 66%. But the number we really like is $2,162. That’s all we have left to raise for Fireside No. 1 to become a reality.

Word of mouth is huge in the last week of a Kickstarter that is approaching success. We are truly thankful for every backer who sees something worthwhile in this project. If you have already pledged, we just have one request: Please tell your friends, family, and followers about Fireside this week. Today even. Here is the link and the shortlink to the project page you can share:

If you have been thinking about pledging, now would be a great time.

Thanks so much for getting us this point. I feel really good about this.


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