No maximum on pledges

Because I’ve been asked a few times in the past couple of days about this, I wanted to put up a post about the way pledges on the magazine’s  Kickstarter work.

The pledge amounts listed on the right are minimums, not maximums or set prices. It’s like a PBS or NPR pledge drive. You have to pledge at least that much to get a reward at that level, but you can pledge as much as you like above that. For instance, if you were a crazy but generous oil baron, you could pledge 5 kajillion dollars and still select the cheapest reward (the $2 PDF).

We are all out of the highest-end rewards (being included in the magazine as a character or in an illustration), but if you did want to contribute more but also want a unique reward, there are still plenty of autographed copies of the magazine left ($25), 8 mosaic coasters with the Fireside logo handmade by my wife ($35), and 4 emoji translations by contributor Ken Liu ($50).

And, of course, we are very happy with pledges at any level. Just wanted to clear this up for those who are wondering.

Thanks as always!


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