10 days to go | Paying for creativity

We had a solid day at the Kickstarter over the past 24 hours, pulling in $173. If we keep that up through Friday night, we’ll hit the 50% mark of $3,250. This is a big deal, since at 12:01 a.m. Saturday we will have exactly seven days left in the drive. I feel confident we can pull this off, but I think we would be in very good shape if we are at 50% at that point.

We got two very nice write-ups yesterday out on the series of tubes, both from Twitter friends of mine: Nancy Friedman and Rose Fox. They both highlighted something that I haven’t pushed as much as the great stories part of Fireside: that I want to pay what I hope is a fair rate to the writers: 12.5 cents a word for issue No. 1 ($500 for a 4,000-word story, which is the upper limit for Fireside). The minimum rate considered professional is 5 cents a word ($200 for 4,000 words). If you are trying to make a living at writing, it is very very hard to do that at 5 cents a word.

I could have set the pay rate at 5 cents a word and lowered the goal of the Kickstarter considerably (by $1,200 for the four short stories, not to mention the comic and the art) but I don’t want to do this if I can’t pay a good rate. And I wanted to attract strong writers, which is harder to do when you pay the minimum.

So I have set a high bar, both philosophically and for the Kickstarter goal. It’s a good experiment in funding creativity, and an exciting one for me. And I think it is worth it.

Thanks as always to everyone who has pledged, and please spread the word.


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