12 days and 60% to go

40 percent funded. $3,852 to go. 12 days left. We can DO this.

When I lived in Kentucky, I really came to love horse racing. In a good race, the most exciting part is toward the end, starting when the horses hit the last turn before the homestretch. The horses shift, the jockeys maneuver, and the run for the finish line is set up.

We’re entering that turn.

I’m really happy with where we are, but now it’s time to start pushing the horse, to start looking for the opening that will let us shoot through and hit the homestretch at a gallop.

(I think I’ve probably hit my metaphorical limit at this point, right?)

To everyone who has pledged: thanks you so much. If you know any friends, family, co-workers, or high-falutin’ hoboes who love great stories, please tell them about Fireside.

To everyone who is planning on pledging: we still have plenty of great rewards left. Digital and print copies of the magazine. Autographed copies of the print magazine. A sketch from cover artist Amy Houser. A handmade mosaic coaster made by my wife. And emoji translations from contributing writer Ken Liu. (Details about all of this are in the rewards bar at the left and in previous updates on the Kickstarter updates tab.)

I have a realistic goal and an optimistic goal for 11:59 p.m. this Friday. Realistic: we hit 50%, $3,250, and have a week to raise the other half. Optimistic: We hit $4,000 (61%).

When we hit 50%, I’ll post the best story I ever found as a reporter, about a WWII veteran who spent almost the entire war in Japanese slave labor camps.

Thank so much to everyone for your support, and thanks for anything you can do to help us hit the homestretch with the wind at our backs. (OK seriously, no more horse metaphors.)

Here’s the Kickstarter.


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