Day 11: Past 30 percent!

So the magazine’s Kickstarter hit the $2,000 goal a few horus late, but we did it! You people rock. The promised tales of murder, mayhem, and woodchippers will go up tomorrow. The total stands at $2,010, a smidge over 30%, after 10 days. 21 left to go. We can DO this.

One thing that propelled us was the sale of the last naming opportunity, the male character in the comic, for $150. That backer is remaining anonymous for the moment, for reasons I’m not at liberty to disclose. (Believe me, I WANT to disclose it. But then I’d have to KILL you.)

So that’s it, those are all gone. There are still two $75 slots to be drawn by cover artist Amy Houser in an illustation that will be included in the magazine.

Also still available is yesterday’s new reward: a first edition of The Graveyard Book signed by Neil Gaiman. The story behind that is in the previous update.

Thanks again! Spread the word if you can while you are home for the holidays!


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