Day 5: Wow, great day

Wow! The Kickstarter raised nearly $500 before midnight last night, and have already taken in nearly another $200 so far today, putting us at $1,384, which is 21% of the goal and totally awesome!

(This means we hit the $1,000 milestone. My story of misadventure with a weapon in City Hall is coming right after this update.)

One big thing that helped yesterday was that Neil Gaiman retweeted a message about the Kickstarter sent by Christie Yant’s husband, John Joseph Adams, who is the editor of Lightspeed magazine. So thanks to John and Neil!

Another big thing was that the three remaining $100 rewards (getting your name used in a story) were picked up. (Thanks to all four backers at this level — Vinnie, Derrick Eaves, Peter Woodworth, and Anthony Cardno.)

Thanks too to Sean Eret, who also pledged $100 without taking a premium reward.

There are still two slots available to have name AND likeness used in the comic for $150.

And yet another helpful thing was that two slots in the new $75 reward offered by cover artist Amy Houser, to be drawn around a campfire with the other backers of this reward, were taken. Thanks, Laura Darby and Jennifer Landels. There are two slots left for this.

OK, gimmie a few minutes and I will post the story over at Kickstarter.


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