Launch Day

It seemed like today would never come! I am super excited about Fireside, and I hope you find it worthy of your support. I’ll be blogging here about progress on the Kickstarter, about how the magazine idea came together over the past month and a half, and about the contributors and the process going forward.

For today, I’d just like to thank everyone who helped me get to this point. Thanks to all the contributors for their comments and for thinking this was a cool idea to get involved with. Special thanks to Adam P. Knave and Christie Yant, who let me, even encouraged me, to pester them with ideas and questions endlessly on Twitter and email. Same to Amy Houser, but with an extra helping of thankfulness for convincing me that we needed a Kickstarter video and for then producing a really great one from a slurry of words and pictures I threw at her.

Also thanks to Pat Garvin and Rob Davis, who work with me at the Globe and are collaborating on the design end. Pat did the excellent logo you see at the top of the page, and Rob is working on the magazine design.

Thanks as well to Mika Chaterjee, a friend from high school who is now a lawyer and helped me polish the writers’ contracts.

And, always, thanks to my wife Lauren, who has been crazy supportive despite all my obsessing and psychosis during the process of getting to launch day.


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